If the product (s) received are not in accordance with
Invoice, Customer must alert
HSTICK at that time or within a maximum period of seven (7) business days from the date of
Receipt of the product, or 15
(Fifteen) business days in case the products have been ordered online
And shipped by carrier to the customer, accompanied by a copy of the
Invoice, which must be sent together with the respective complaint.
Any complaint concerning the product (s) must be accompanied by
A copy of the product (s) specifying the lack of information; The
Insufficient information; Illegibility or ambiguity that does not
Customer (s) the proper use of the product (s), goods (goods) or the
Service (s) and that the product (s) is in its original state (in
Perfect state of preservation and complete, that is, packaging, manuals,
Cables, accessories, etc.), defect and, if necessary to prove this
Defective product, it must send the product with its original
References for identification. After the period of seven (7), or
15 (fifteen) working days on the delivery of the product (s), any
Complaint shall be subject to prior review by HSTICK, which may be accepted
Or not, as determined by the Technical Department.
No claim shall be admissible if the conditions set out above are not
Scrupulously respected.


Products sold can only be returned after preliminary agreement and
In writing by HSTICK. There is no article in Portuguese Law that
Contemplate the return of items purchased directly in the physical store,
Except if the right to information is broken. For example: If the seller
In the store say that a product has the characteristic A and buy the product
Based on this information, and upon arriving home confirm that you do not have the
Characteristic, the right to information has been broken. The client can
If you return the product. Returned products must be addressed
To HSTICK and the shipping charges will be borne by the customer.
All products returned to HSTICK must be in perfect condition and
Carefully packed in their original packages / packages, without further
Any changes to their references and serial numbers.
The respective labels must be intact, allowing for their possible
In case of return without prior agreement of HSTICK or not considered in
Conformity, the product (s) shall be returned at the expense of
To be borne by the Customer.